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Cantriex Livestock is a multi-faceted livestock marketing company that provides its services to both the international and domestic marketplace. Founded in 1984 Cantriex has dealt with a wide variety of customers in a wide variety of situations. From large ranches looking to liquidate their herd to small farmers looking to fill a pasture to corporations looking for market advice to branded beef companies looking to expand their brand we have been able to help out a lot of people in a lot of different ways. We have been able to adjust our business model to reflect changes in the livestock market and we do everything in our power to ensure that our customers receive the best service that we can provide.

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Cantriex Livestock International Inc.
PO Box 4638, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada, T4J 1S4
Office: +403 782 5583
Fax: +403 782 9224

Tony Saretsky
Mobile: +403 391 3985
David Saretsky
Mobile: +403 896 9616


Providing basis contracts for slaughter cattle has been an important part of our business for a very long time. We are proud to be one the largest independent suppliers of basis contracts. Our customers have the ability to lock in prices at their convenience and with our foreign exchange services we can eliminate a lot of risk. We also offer contract prices on feeder cattle during the majority of the year. As part of our involvement in natural beef and export markets we also offer specialized contracts for producers looking to become part of this growing market segment.


Cantriex is operated by Tony and his son, David Saretsky. Tony has a commerce degree from the University of Saskatchewan and has worked in the livestock industry for over 40 years. During his tenure he is responsible for exporting over five million head of cattle and won the Government of Alberta’s Export Achievement Award each of the three years that he entered. Tony has sat on many industry boards and councils. David has an economics degree from the University of Lethbridge. He has been in the industry for 15 years and has taken over management of the majority of the company’s day to day affairs. Cantriex owned and operated 7,000 head feedlot for 25 years and has managed a variety of ranching and grazing operations across western Canada.

Overseas Beef

With many recent international trade agreements being developed and revised the demand for Canadian beef on the international level is at an all-time high. Cantriex is very proud to have a procurement role in many ongoing deals into both the EU and China. These markets have created a lot of buzz over the course of the last few years and it is expected that both markets will continue to grow creating additional demand for high quality Canadian beef. Accessing these markets requires a high level of attention to detail and Cantriex is ready to assist its clients pursue these markets.

Natural Beef

Over the past five years the market for natural beef in Canada has grown by leaps and bounds and continued growth is expected for the future. Cantriex has been able to assist a segment of its customer base in buying and selling cattle that meet the strict protocols of this market. Working directly with Canada’s largest natural beef companies has enabled Cantriex to market a significant volume of natural and EU certified cattle.  The natural beef market is not something that appeals to everyone but Cantriex is happy to assist those that wish to participate in this growing segment of the industry.

Order Buying

Cantriex has sat on many of the largest livestock auction markets in Alberta for 25+ years. Our unique location allows us access to over a dozen auction markets that are within a 200km radius of our office. We also purchase a large number of cattle directly from farmers and ranchers. We are licensed and bonded in the province of Alberta and the province of Saskatchewan and can provide competitive bids on feeder cattle, slaughter cattle and cull cows.


Cantriex owns and maintains a herd of 300 Angus and Angus cross cows. The cows are wintered and calved at the home ranch at Lacombe, Alberta and then sent out to the various summer pastures located in central Alberta. The calves are backgrounded through the winter and then placed on pasture for the summer before being sent to the finishing facility. Management of the cows and calves is closely monitored by Philip Saretsky to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved and that the strict protocols required for EU export are maintained. Both the cows and calves are kept on the Pfizer Gold vaccination program and the majority of the production is placed into natural beef and EU export programs. Maintaining the cow herd ensures that Cantriex has a stake in each stage of the production cycle.